Friday, April 3

Spring Beauty mini-haul!

As I've previously stated: I love painting my nails! I also have a mild obsession with daisies, so I've been pinning daisy manicures like crazy on Pinterest. I decided I definitely needed yellow and white to pull of a classic daisy, and I was right!

Because of Easter (another reason to LOVE spring!) I got paid a day early and a new beauty store opened at Swindon outlet centre in the same week! Hello! Must've been kismet; there is no other way of explaining the extraordinary coincidence of my decision to buy new nail varnish and a huge new beauty store with an entire wall devoted to polishes opening!!

I took photos of this new store, called simply "Beauty Outlet", but I've accidentally deleted them. Ooops.

Anyway, I spent £9 and got two nail polishes, a mini manicure set (for my ridiculously mature for her four years old daughter) a nail art pen and a new blush brush. Score!!

Mini haul!

So I found a couple tutorials on Pinterest and gave daisy nails a go! I used W7 in white, Barry M Belly in Blueberry, and Astor Fashion Studio in Yellow Buttercup (fitting, don't you agree?) and this was the result!

I'm pleased for a first attempt! They're already chipped from a hard morning's work, so I'll go e it another go, possibly on top of pink this to.e, and let y'all know he it goes!

Which nail trends are you dying to try? Tag #springboard and let me see 'em!!


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