Thursday, July 23

Happy is the new black.

When we're happy we give off a vibe to those around us. It's not about how good our hair looks or how firm our butts are- we're happy, and that's what people notice.

We all care a little too much about our looks and when we're unhappy with ourselves, it comes across. It's unlikely that anyone will think "Oh so-n-so's makeup isn't great this week" or "her thighs are rubbing a bit more than usual" just because we've been thinking those things. But those feelings will rub off on others; an unsettled, awkward feeling that can put people off or set them on edge.

Now if you're one of those people who thinks like that about your fellow creatures on a regular basis you need to lighten up and stop being so hard-core judgemental! We all judge, don't get me wrong, we are human. It's in our nature to determine our opinions about others based on appearances. BUT try and be nice and don't hold one's appearance against her; good or bad.

With regards to fashion, were so lucky to live in a time with so few rules. It is perfectly acceptable to embrace your own style or create a new one. There's tons of body acceptance movements so any size of person can experiment and be awesome with fashion. There's loads high street stores with accessible fashion, charity/second hand shopping is huge and cool and so is clothing modification! Even if your skint, get creative and just rip up your jeans or cut up your dad's old shirt and voila! You can be trendy again.

There really is tons to be happy about in fashion and in life, really. Gone a bit sentimental now but whatever...

 This summer, Be Happy! It's something that looks super hot on everyone.


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