Tuesday, April 7


I wanted to write a little post of gratitude since I've been neglecting my blog in lieu of preparing for my daughters 2nd birthday party on Saturday- if you've ever been to any of my parties you'll know there has to be a theme, so this one is 1950's diner style! Super excited but by creating these little soirees I'm giving myself about 100% more work than if it were just say, birthday party themed (as if 12 toddlers and preschoolers running around on sugar highs isn't enough) but it's fun and gives me something to put my energies into.

I have also been preparing for a visit from my family from overseas- like, all of them!!! Dad, Step-mum, brother and his GF are ALL flying over this week (SQUEEEEE!!!). It's been two years since I've seen any of them in person, I've never met the girlfriend and none of them have my 2 year old!!! The last time I visited Canada I was about 13-14 weeks pregnant with her, and my big one who is now 4 was not even 2 when we went.

So I've got lots to be grateful for, and I'm really very grateful for those of you who are regular visitors to my sporadic posts; including my newfound readers from Russia! Holla!! Please leave me some comments, I'll have 'em translated if necessary! But that goes for those of you who speak my native tongue as well! Id be ever so grateful for some feedback and since I'm feeling so grateful, any input would be graciously received. I promise not to hurl insults back at any constructive criticism.(Be kind tho, no mean shit.).

 I've got some bugs to work out of my fashion profile series- I'm having technical difficulties with some photos. Which I know is implausible to anyone more technologically savvy than me..so pretty much everyone. But I'll try to check in and do a little this or that over the next 3 weeks while my fam is here... Any requests?

What has everyone else been up to for spring/Easter break? Any style moments or un-moments (ie BAD) I need to hear about??


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