Monday, March 30


I've recently rediscovered TIGI's "Dumb Blonde" range and splurged on the shampoo. For those of you who haven't tried TIGI products, they are awesome! They're not cheap, mind, but a 400ml pump bottle like this will last me at least six months. So at £13/bottle that's only around £2 a month! I'd easily spend that on cheaper shampoo a month. I'm trying to get back to making purchases that have a bigger initial spend but save me dollahs in the long run. More on that later...I've tried a few of the TIGI ranges over the years (the oatmeal honey shampoo/conditioner set smells like cookies!) but I always faithfully return to Dumb Blonde.

 The packaging has gotten a makeover in recent years, but the stuff inside the bottle is as good as ever. After one wash with the shampoo my hair was waaaaay softer and smoother, and its purple! Being a bleach-a-holic, any purple tones in shampoos and conditioners help banish the brass and are always welcome!

I also use Pro:Voke "Touch of Silver twice a week brightening shampoo"- it's basically thick purple slime that you lather up with and leave to soak like little old ladies would have done with their white washing in bygone times. Either way it does the job and reduces the fiery-ness of my blonde.

Another little miracle worker I've stumbled across recently is "Dove hair therapy: Express Treatment conditioner". It was on offer so I gave it a spin and its lush! Having dry and brittle hair from said bleaching, I always leave conditioner in to soak for the duration of a shower. Even though my hair is fine I always need the extra moisture. This went on nice and thick and stayed on, not slipping down my neck ruining my clean time. I love it! New favourite for sure. Although at £4 for a measly 180 mls and the way I get through conditioner, it might have to be a little hair treat once in awhile instead of a regular jobby. Hey-ho, I'll take what I can get!!

What are your favourite hair treatments? Tag #hairtime and let me know!

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