Wednesday, February 11

Amy's Beauty Must-Haves

Amy Hamilton and I met 8 years ago at a Cancer Research UK charity shop which she was managing at the time. She has since opened her own impossibly hip vintage store, Rhubarb Jumble, in Bristol. She's a humanitarian eco-warrior with a deeply awesome sense of personal style. I've always known of her love affair with beauty products so I asked her to share her top picks with Style Surround. Here's what she said:

As Laura knows, I like my products although I'm a lot more frugal these days so I invest wisely.

I'm not too fussy with what I wash my face with, (any face wash that doesn't have microbeads in them as I heard they are bad for the environment because they never break down).

I always use oil of Olay moisturiser- cheap and cheerful! I just love Laura Mercier primer and tinted moisturiser, it lasts for ages and has excellent lightweight coverage, so is worth the investment. I've used it for about 7 years and have never been tempted to stray!
Laura Mercier primer

Max factor do a great imitation 'touché éclat' which is so reasonable and often on 3 for 2 offers! I generally think number 7/ maybeline mascara is great and well priced. I love Benefit blushed in Dandelion, and that's me!
Benefit Dandelion Blush

I really like luxurious shower gels, like Molton brown and l'occitane but don't use them all the time. l'occitane have a range in lemon verbena which is just lovely; fresh citrusy and clean smelling! I have the perfume...shower gel...and body lotion!

 I also love Jo Malone perfume in Earl grey and cucumber (it's the only perfume Malx has ever commented on me wearing!)
Jo Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber 

During the summer, I would really recommend Ambre Solaire gradual tanning body lotion, it doesn't smell, moisturises well and gives a really even natural coverage, even for my pasty skin!

My hair is really fine and I've recently discovered l'Oreal fibrology thickening shampoo and conditioner, I think it actually works (although I hate l'Oreal as I'm not impressed with their attitude towards animal testing, so I buy with a bit of guilt).

Hope that's enough..I could go on!

Go and say hi to Amy at Rhubarb Jumble in Bristol; you'll get a face full of vintage fashion and quirky finds in store, plus Amy is just really nice to chat to. xx

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