Sunday, March 1

Time Travel

Remember when people used to get dressed up in their Sunday best whenever they went travelling? No? Me neither.

I feel like I missed out on that era though; like I was born in the wrong time. All those pictures of 1950'50/60's nuclear families: the kids in knee-high socks and saddle shoes, mom in her tweed skirt suit and matching pill box hat... *sigh* Dressing for travel always gives the impression of going someplace better, never knowing who you'll bump into.

It seems like a dying art form. Now we're all about yoga pants and whichever recreation of leggings/jeggings/treggings that we had on hand. Although there are a few people who manage airport-glam very well. Celebrities mainly, but there's always THAT woman at the check-in looking impossibly chic in her designer jeans and blazer making everyone in the place feel extremely bourgeois.

Anyway I'm off on a little train journey with both my little ones tomorrow and was thinking I may just put in the effort that families used to do in bygone times...and then I pictured myself tripping over my heels and getting the pushchair stuck in the "gap" whilst simultaneously losing the favourite teddy and I've gone 360 back to jeans, tee and high tops. I'll leave the glam to the big guns and just go cute mum instead. Yup.

See you at the station. x

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